Time, Team & Money


You will learn effective time management skills that will help you gain better control over your schedule. That way you can work more efficiently and productively. You will learn ways to make better use of your valuable time and accomplish more with less effort. Together we will focus on practical techniques and information that you can use right away to gain more control over your busy schedule, eliminate time wasters and plan your work day to make time-wise decisions. By improving how you relate to time you will have more of it to enjoy your life or for those times when obstacles, challenges and unforeseen circumstances arise.


We will determine your team’s level of motivation, why it is important to have a positive company culture and how to create it. Who are the players and how does the team communicate? Are systems and processes in place to give your team the tools they need to succeed? Learn how to hire the right people, create a cohesive team and motivate them to achieve their goals. We’ll also explore the culture of your company. Does it motivate your team or bring them down? Why is it important to have a positive company culture and who is responsible for creating it? You will also learn the importance of a company culture and how to create one that motivates your associates and helps your company reach greatness.


You will acquire tools that will help you focus on sales, as well as improve your profits and bottom line. You can’t make money if you don’t have customers/clients, so together we’ll explore the right lead generation channels to bring in your dream prospect and learn the tools to convert them to customers/clients as well as keeping your pipeline filled with new ones. If money is tight or too much debt is looming we’ll look at ways to cut costs just enough money to stop the bleeding while also driving your sales to cover your salary and a minimum number of expenses while paying back debt. Or, with my coaching, we can create a plan to quickly collect outstanding receivables, get your customers to pay on time, and improve your terms with vendors so that your bank account always has plenty of cash in it.

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