Coaching Testimonials

Here’s what clients are saying about working with me…
“I really do feel so much more empowered at this point, and it does feel awesome! I owe much of the way I’m feeling to you.  Since working with you I have a new sense of direction and confidence that I have never had before. It feels amazing and I look forward to learning so much more from you as time goes on. Thank you for everything, Hannah!  (I know I say it a lot, but I feel I cannot say it enough!)”
Wendy Webster, 4 Seasons Accounting
Testimonials 2 for website“Between my day job, freelance writing, and involvement on boards in the community, I have to use my time wisely. Attending Hannah’s time management course helped me learn how to better prioritize my daily to do list in order to get more done. Her useful tip sheet is a handy takeaway that remains posted above my desk at home.”
Steve PetersRutland Area Food Co-op
“Your presentation was very well done and also professional. You have a way of making people feel comfortable.”
Betsy Franzoni, Blue Ridge Real Estate
“If you are at a point in your career where growth has caused you concern, or the lack of growth has made you feel stagnant; I highly suggest investing in Hannah’s Coaching services.” – Read More
Margaret C. Barros, Chaffee Art Center
Testimonials for website“She provides easy to understand information and printouts about prioritizing and time management. Her presentation style invites everyone to get involved in the discussion as well as focusing on their individual business. She encourages networking and marketing ideas as well as sharing great books and websites that a business owner would benefit from reading. Hannah has returned three more times and is my super star guest speaker. She provides the new business owners with proven strategies to use their time wisely and a structure to plan ahead, organize their office and file system, setting up a referral system and many creative marketing strategies that will help them stay focused and on track to run their business profitably.” – Read More
Shelley B. Faris, BROC – Community Action in Southwestern Vermont
“THANK YOU for the invitation to your presentation today and thank you for sharing this wonderful resource. While I have a lot of written documents – goals, marketing plan, budget, quarterly themes, and my core values, it never occurred to me to COMBINE everything in one document! Brilliant!”
— Ruxana’s Home Interiors, Ruxana’s Home Interiors
Hannah helped me to prioritize and concentrate on what was most important to me in terms of what I found most fulfilling that was also the most efficient and made the most sense. She encouraged me not to underprice my services and my products and showed me how to determine how much money and time I had in the creation of each item or service in order to see what my profit really was.
Céleste Perrino-Walker, Reindeer Station Farm


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